Dissertation survey on Multiracial ppl

I am a graduate student under the direction of Professor Patricia Arredondo in the Department of Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University. I am conducting a research study to find out more about the experiences of biracial or multiracial adults. Some questions may be considered personal and/or sensitive in nature.

I am recruiting subjects to fill out a survey via the internet that will take approximately thirty minutes. Your participation in this study is voluntary, and by submitting your results, you indicate your consent to participate in the study. Results from this study will be available to participants via e-mail if desired.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please go to http://surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=757541123251 .

The survey website uses a secure, anonymous proxy server. This ensures that your computer’s IP address will not be known. Please feel free to forward this request for participation to other biracial or multiracial people.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, there will be no penalty. The results of the research may be published, but your name will not be used. If you have any questions concerning the research study, please call me at (480) 203-4170, or e-mail me at tmr17@yahoo.com. You may also feel free to contact Dr. Patricia Arredondo at (480) 965-2915 or empower@asu.edu.

Please note that regular email messages may not be totally confidential because the technology exists that may allow other individuals to intercept and read your email. I will delete all identifiable information immediately from the email message.

If you have questions about your rights as a participant in this research or if you feel you have been placed at risk, you can contact the chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board through the Research Compliance Office at 480-965-6788.

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