Letter to the Editor

From Angela Smithson:

To My Fellow Human Being:

My name is Angela Smithson, proud, strong and loving mother of a beautiful biracial 7 yearold Cullen Deshawn Smithson who was a victim of a racial slur on 4/20/05 at my employer Amica Insurance’s ‘bring your child to work day’ by a coworker.

I am not asking for advice or money just that you go to his petition that I created as I had no other alternative as my employer chose to side with the racist employee and retaliate against me because I stood up for what is right but most importantly I stood up for my son!

When I talk about retaliation I have clear proof as I was written up 2 times in 2 weeks once for questioning their investigation and the second time for my petition. In fact the second time was my final warning they said if I ‘continue to disrupt their workplace I will be terminated immediately’ and that I can no loger post anything on the web with that being said I see that this statement is open ended statement and I expect they will be terminating me very soon and I will be unemployed not for being late, poor attendance, unprofessional behavior, inability to perform or poor customer service but for requesting to file a complaint because my 7 year old son was hurt by the ‘n’ word and that they are clearly violating civil rights and now attempting to take a way my freedom of speech illegally!

My goal is to have 20,000 people sign this petition as a way to bring together concerned individuals like yourself to form a united front against racism.

Racism in any form against any person for what ever reason is wrong racism stretches far behind black and white. You may use the word ni**er yourself but please remember this was a little boy. I can take and have taken racist remarks in my lifetime being called a nig**r lover and such and turned the other cheek and just chalked this up to ignorance but this is my son I can not turn the other cheek here.


Please pass along this email to as many people possible as this is not an attempt to harm my employer or the employee in question rather it is a way to kick start my son’s healing as we read the comments together every night. He no longer cries that he is black he is proud of himself and his mother, He said to me the other day,’Mommy I know you love me you know why? Because you fight for me!’.
Thank you for your time and your anticipated cooperation. I apologize if you all ready received this email however I am a mother who is in an intense struggle and rage attempting to protect my son. I have sent thousands of emails and cannot humanly remember all who have previously been contacted.

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