E.U. is Watching You

Matthew Broersma writing for eWEEK on EU States Propose Massive Data Retention Plan:

The European Union has unveiled plans to require all telephone and Internet traffic to be logged and stored for up to a year in order to help combat organized crime and terrorism.

The plan was unveiled on Wednesday by the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, and would require the approval of the European Parliament.

EU member states, which make up the European Council, have made a similar proposal, but it would require data to be stored for a longer period and would force service providers to bear the full costs of compliance—estimated at nearly 200 million euros per company per year.

The Multiracial Activist is one of the "more than 100 other human rights and civil liberties groups" opposed to this proposal. This is yet another example of politicians using the threat of terrorism to grow government and impose ever more domestic surveillance.

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