Interracial Family Day



We are pleased to announce one of our most historical and memorable feats to date. The Honorable Mike Huckabee Governor of the State of Arkansas reviewed our organizations proposal to proclaim September 28, 2005 “Interracial Family Day” in celebration of the hosts of *‘woman of the mosaic’, leaders in the modern-day multiracial movement who have shepherded and nurtured many millions across this great country, and fought onward to abolish all government sponsored, supported and funded racial coding: and to honor our heroines, *‘women of the U.S. miscegenation’ *(both phrases I coined!) in a single day to pray, reflect and educate our friends and family, and all those supporters in our communities with food, fun and festivities, or quiet contemplation with loved ones.

Governor Huckabee acknowledged our proposal, and drafted, signed and delivered a proclamation for the State of Arkansas on August 24, 2005 to proclaim September 28, 2005 as Interracial Family Day! Huckabee has exhibited great courage in so publicly addressing our community in The Natural State of Arkansas, the first southern state, and inaugurating this September 28th as Interracial Family Day statewide. (The first state in all the Union to do so, officially.)

We, at IWPC, study the issues of political parties, republican and democrat, and subsequently continue to spotlight our constituents’ well-known non-conformity. We wish that all our elected officials and public servants realize we are beholden to no one party only to those who legitimately serve our **6.8 million households needs and understands wholly our vital concerns, on the local, state and federal levels.

On behalf of all we wholeheartedly thank Governor Mike Huckabee of the State of Arkansas!

Happy Interracial Family Day! Light a candle and light the world!

Best wishes for a super fun-filled day,


Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee

**U.S. Census bureau statistics for 2000

Note: The first proclamation for IFD was proclaimed on 09-28-2001, signed by Hon. Mayor Jim Mc Greevey (D) of Woodbridge Township, NJ. He won the NJ gubernatorial 11-04-2001. Gov. Mc Greevey resigned as Governor of NJ.

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