Advocacy Letter on Federal Data-Mining

September 28, 2005
The Multiracial Activist
From The Editor:

On September 23, 2005, The Multiracial Activist once again joined with over forty international, national and local civil liberties and human rights organizations on a non-partisan letter in support of a provision of the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization bill that would require the government to document its data-mining activities. Other organizations involved in this effort include the American Civil Liberties Union, American Conservative Union, Free Congress Foundation, Asian Law Caucus, National Council of La Raza and Republican Liberty Conference.

Readers familiar with COINTELPRO and other domestic surveillance activities will understand why data-mining and cataloguing the activities of American citizens is a cause for concern. Often, such activities were conducted with specific "racial" or ethnic demographics in mind – another example of "racial" classifications being used for nefarious purposes.

Past experiences tell us that when dealing with governments, reality is a bit more complex than "if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear." You can read the text of the letter here.

James Landrith
Editor and Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist

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