Is it about illegal immigration or keeping non-white people out?

Is it about illegal immigration or keeping non-white people out?
by Patrick Osio, Jr.
October 7, 2005

Are there still some Americans who believe that the immigration issues as pertain to our Southern border are primarily about National Security? Or that statements calling for defending “national sovereignty” are due to fears we are losing our nation’s independence? Fortunately, evidence indicates that those of such mind are a small minority, but are capable of attracting the most media attention.

Unfortunately the attention the ‘national-security’ and ‘sovereignty’ advocates receive, clouds the issues, delays solutions and prolongs the agony. They hang their hat on the one fact the vast majority of Americans do agree – illegal immigration must stop.

Using this as their basis for their other contentions they darken the landscape with myths they wish to believe; present them as fact and where evidence does not support their “facts” they simply invent supporting data, which others in their groups use as evidence. So they feed unto themselves with nothing more than figments of their imagination based on personal prejudices and individual or organization self interests.

There are hidden agendas for the attacks that as the main basis have to do with the high number of brown skinned people of a different culture and language entering and living among us be they multi generation US citizens or legal residents – the paranoia that America is turning brown. And this, my friends, is racism despite denial to the contrary.

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