Michael “boohab” Bowen

Michael “boohab” Bowen claims that:

…in demanding a new racial category for themselves on the 2000 Census of ‘multiracial’ rather than the scheme the Bureau adopted of letting people check multiple boxes, mulitiracialists sought numerical and political superiority based on their racial identity. Such ideas brought to light the fact that they considered interracial relationships superior to same-race relationships. In this strange inversion they asserted the primacy of mixed races over ‘pure’ races and consequently planned the destruction of the races as we know them.

Bowen has had an axe to grind with self-identified “multiacial” individuals for years. He offers no proof of his fantastic claims, such as “multiracial” individuals claiming superiority over “monoracial” individuals and those involved in “interracial” relationships feeling superior to “monoracial” relationships. Like all bigots, he paints with a wide brush. While claiming to be an anti-racist, Bowen is just your typical one-dropper racist. Your humble editor personally debated him in more than one forum and witnessed the anger that oozed from his postings whenever the concepts of “interracial” relationships or self-identified “multiracial” individuals happened to appear in a forum he frequented.

We call them like we see them here at TMA.

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