“Hands Off Our Kids” Coalition news conference




Date:     Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007
Time:     1 pm
Location:     Hilton Garden Inn
DFW South
2001 Valley View Lane, Irving, TX
(972) 313-2800
Event:     “Hands Off Our Kids” Coalition news conference
Contact:     Kathryn Serkes, Association of American
Physicians & Surgeons
(206) 851 4841 mobile
kaserkes@att.net This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it



National Medical, Civil Liberties & Others to Send Joint Letter to Gov. Perry

The Association of American Physicians (AAPS) and the American College of Environmental Medicine will release a coalition statement on Gov. Perry’s Executive Order RP 65 regarding the HPV vaccine.

Prompted by Texas Governor Perry’s executive order to mandate the HPV mandate, medical, civil liberties, parental rights and other groups have joined together to form a new national coalition.

Calling themselves the “Hands Off Our Kids Coalition,” the more than 60 signatories to the statement are: PROVE, Texas Legal Foundation, Texas Eagle Forum, Congressman Ron Paul, former Congressman Bob Barr, the National Vaccine Information Center, Citizens Against Government Waste, Frontiers of Freedom, the U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation, The Liberty Coalition, and numerous Texas physicians.

Speakers include Jane M. Orient, MD, of Tucson, AZ, AAPS Executive Director of AAPS and Kathryn Serkes, Washington, D.C., Policy Director of AAPS, as well as local doctors, nurses, parents and children.



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