In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice

Amy Harmon, writing for The New York Times, on  In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice :

At the same time, genetic information is slipping out of the laboratory and into everyday life, carrying with it the inescapable message that people of different races have different DNA. Ancestry tests tell customers what percentage of their genes are from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The heart-disease drug BiDil is marketed exclusively to African-Americans, who seem genetically predisposed to respond to it. Jews are offered prenatal tests for genetic disorders rarely found in other ethnic groups.

Such developments are providing some of the first tangible benefits of the genetic revolution. Yet some social critics fear they may also be giving long-discredited racial prejudices a new potency. The notion that race is more than skin deep, they fear, could undermine principles of equal treatment and opportunity that have relied on the presumption that we are all fundamentally equal.

“We are living through an era of the ascendance of biology, and we have to be very careful,” said Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University. “We will all be walking a fine line between using biology and allowing it to be abused.”

It's amazing that this article quotes Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  He is one of the foremost "one drop" advocates, proclaiming to the world that Anatole Broyard (among thousands of others) was a biological "black" who was merely "passing as white."  He has done more than anyone to promote a hypodescent ideology based on the idea that "black" genes are super-inferior and dominant.  Of course, Gates claims that he doesn't believe that, but would you find a Jew stupid enough to demand that the Aryan/non-Aryan racial classification system of the Nazis be retained and enforced?

Of course, the liberal advocacy of supposed white racial purity and "tainted black blood" has been going on a long time.  No doubt the white student who believes that her nine percent of "black" DNA makes her genetically destined to celebrate the phony Kwanzaa holiday (created by a criminal and spread by white corporate America, not African Americans) has watched racist films like "Pinky," "Imitation of Life" and "The Human Stain."

Oh, since the average Hispanic probably has a lot more than a mere nine percent of African DNA, why are they seemingly invulnerable to the "one drop" myth while Anglos and Creoles are not?


  1. Preemptive legislative action needed
    Written by TomOfManyColors, on 12-11-2007 16:54

    I think this article lends support to the resurrection of the Racial Privacy Initiative and/or the extension of of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 to include individual genetic information. We don’t need folks like the blogger mentioned in the article asking employees for blood/urine tests on some pretense only to fire them on the basis of undesirable genetic material.

  2. Spain vs. England vs. La France
    Written by LSGH, on 18-11-2007 11:35
    The answer is simple, Powell:
    The Hispanics are not “OFFICIALLY” part of the traditional CLASH OF THE TITANS: Anglo-Mulatos [U.S. Blacks] vs. Anglo-Mestizos [U.S. Whites] –

    Creole Sell-Outs have NO business participating in this Clash & should SOLELY focus upon expanding & solidifying The French Empire here in The Americas.


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