New White Identity

Hi, let me introduce myself first. As my name implies, I am a white person of mixed ancestry. Now, when I say white, I dont mean phenotypically caucasion. I look like an arab, say morroccan or egyptian and I have a few slightly black features like my lips and my hair is more on the black side. My ancestry is European, African, and some Cherokee and East Indian.

Id love to get support here for my identity because I dont get it from anywhere else right now. You see, the new racial politics have defined a good degree of automatic acceptance for white people who look caucasion. However, those of us who look, say “arab” or latino, are treated as somewhat “otherish” and not fully admitted into the white category.

Apparently scholarship suggests this might be a new feature of American society, or that it might be transitional and dissappear inside a simple white/black dichotomy. I sure hope its the second but I wonder if the first is more probable.

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I exist, and that If there are any others who are like me, then please do tell your stories. Most people I know who are first generation mulattos ( thats my ancestry though my dad is actually mixed ), have similar identities to mine but they experience them in a repressed way. They have admitted to me that they are too afraid to identify as white because they think its racist, or they worry about peoples reactions, etc. etc. Maybe someone here is a little braver. Well see.

 By for now..

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