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Published: June 21,2009
Letter to the Editor
Light Skinned Libras

Regarding the article Jiggaboo’s and Wannabe’s Revisited: For Light Skinned Only, that was written about the ‘Light Skinned Libras’ party that was planned in Detroit, Michigan – please take note of the following reader response (and related links as well).

Few people ever seem to bother (or want) to note the fact that THE DJ (who actually planned and promoted the cancelled ‘Light-Skinned Libra Party’ in Detroit, MI) is, himself, a person who HAS A skin tone which is that of being of a VERY DARK COMPLEXION (and yet, still, he wanted to host a party in which he publicly rejected the people with his own features).

Those who drone on and on about how people who have a darker-complexion skin tone are so often ‘discriminated against’ – seldom seem to want to also admit that the people who direct this ‘discrimination’ against them are USUALLY also of a dark (not light) skin-complexion themselves (ex. friends, relatives, potential partners, etc.).

Thus, one cannot help but to feel that the REAL question should NOT be “Why does it seem that the lighter complexioned people are so ‘favored’?” – BUT RATHER – “How can society help the darker complexioned people stop rejecting each other?”

Blaming the ‘discrimination’ – which is often suffered by the people who are of a darker skin complexion – on the simple “existence of” or the alleged “favor toward” the ‘people with a lighter skin-complexion’ will NOT result in the ‘discrimination’ disappearing – but rather, will simply serve as a ‘SMOKESCREEN’ to distract from the REAL problem – which clearly seems to be that of a strong ‘SELF-HATRED’ embraced by some darker-complexioned people that is apparently then PROJECTED onto other dark-complexioned people.


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Thanks, APG

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