Sorry, But Racism Is Actually About People (or Cloth Cannot Be Victimized)

The Stupidest Confederacy Meme Ever

I marvel at the simple-minded idiocy that equates disliking a flag associated with a perverse system of racial intimidation, hatred, oppression and subjugation with being some kind of bizarro-world reverse-racism against white people. Apparently, caring about people over the morally bankrupt symbology of traitors and a society of slavers makes one a “rascist” as the sad meme shown here claims.

Yes, some people think the battle flag was just a sign of “being a rebel” as if that were the ONLY and MOST SOCIALLY IMPORTANT USE. That is historical revisionism and textbook dishonesty and it is time grow up out of such childish notions. That flag was used in the real world for a specific purpose, not for immature high school kids to put on their bumpers while high-fiving themselves for being “cool”.

For those who don’t understand what racism is, I will clear it up. Preventing whole classes of humanity from participating in the rest of society on the basis of race = racism. Enslaving whole classes of humanity on the basis of race = racism. Lynching human beings on the basis of race and denying them any form of REAL justice and a fair trial = racism. Creating systems of education that treat an entire class of humanity as inferior based on race = racism. Herding up human beings like animals, whipping them, beating them, killing them, raping them and discarding them like old clothes when they are no longer making you enough money = racism.

Disliking a flag that was flown at bloody, horrible battles in a vain attempt to preserve a horrible form of government that intended fully to continue that system of racial subjugation (codified clearly into their constitution) simply because it was profitable for a geographical section of the country does not = racism. It means you aren’t a heartless monster who puts worship of a piece of cloth above the lives of their fellow human beings. It is far past time for facts to trump feelings and misinformation. i care about people, not colored pieces of cloth. It seems like such a simple concept.

Always, always, always with the precious white people who have not experienced such treatment in the U.S. lecturing the rest of the world on how oppressed they are over a piece of cloth not flying where it was never supposed to be in the first place.

A hundred million times over and then again, I will choose human beings over symbols.


James Landrith

Founder, Editor and Publisher,

The Multiracial Activist

and The Abolitionist Examiner

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