New York Daily News Does The One Drop

The letter to the editor below was sent this morning to the New York Daily
News in response to:

—-Original Message Follows—-
Subject: Letter to the Editor – Thandie Newton
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 15:13:32 GMT

Dear Editor:

I would like to compliment Jack Mathews on an excellent piece regarding Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise’s on-screen interracial romance in “Mi2.” Mathews’ piece also did a good job of outlining the inability of many in Hollywood to treat on-screen interracial romances as something other than a vague innuendo.

Films like “Mi2” can go a long way towards breaking down this unnecessary taboo kept alive by producers, directors and writers unable to ignore the irrational fear of an anti-miscegenation backlash.

However, I do take exception to Mathews’ description of Thandie Newton as African-American. Newton, a British citizen, is biracial. Her mother is a black woman from Zimbabwe; her father, a white Brit. Unfortunately, Mathews’ error is repeated by journalists nationwide. For example, Gloria Reuben, a biracial Canadian, is often referred to as African-American. Both women proudly state their biracial heritage, which takes courage and should be respected. This is no small feat, given the current campaign by the NAACP and others to enforce a black-only identity on biracials. Both actresses can be positive examples of successful mixed-race women to young biracial girls. Girls who may be struggling with the oppressive racial identity politics of “you’re not enough THIS” or “you’re too much THAT” forced upon them by others. That is, only if these young girls know the truth about the people they see on television.


James Landrith
Interracially married father
of two multiracial children
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist

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