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Posted by Ilse2000:

I am an Asian girl who does not “feel” like she’s CHinese whatsoever. I don’t like watching Hong Kong movies, like HK fashion (the models in HK are skinnier than ones here….At size 2 or 4, I’m considered a “medium”), I don’t listen to Cantopop, etc, etc. I don’t even talk like the Chinese-Canadian girls! (While for the most part accentless, the young women tend to have a very unique voice/tonality. You can tell that they’re Asian just by that voice!) In fact, I don’t feel comfortable around large populations Chinese people! For some reason, the way the act embarasses me. I have a very well placed idea of what “properness” should be, that is, one must talk quietly at the dinner table, one must not slurp his/her soup, basic “Tiffany’s” style etiquette :-) While bad table manners (from my Canadian perspective) is usually found only with the older set, the problem I have with the younger set is how they flaunt their wealth (both people my age–20’s and their parents). A wealthy HK family bought two plots of land in a very tony neighbourhood, and proceeded to build a mansion with not only an indoor swimming pool (I live in Canada), but an indoor tennis court as well. No other home in that neighbourhood has an indoor tennis court. My mother is somewhat like that too, as she often bugs me, askimg me why I don’t buy all my cosmetics from the department store, and why I get some of my clothes at lower-end shops. FOr me, mixing and matching is a good thing. For them, in general, you have to be “head-to-toe Chanel” (or other designer)

2002-07-11 11:46:00

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  1. “I am an Asian girl who does not “feel” like she’s CHinese whatsoever.”

    Oh, you are very Chinese, you just aren’t an Upper-Middle-Class Suburban-Wanna-Be.

    The movies you watch, the pop music you listen to and the cosmetics you buy have nothing to do with your Cultural Heritage, just your friends and family’s economic class.

    Don’t feel embarassed about your family, Upper-Middle-Class-Suburban-Wanna-Be-idis infects ALL races and ethnicities. It has nothing to do with being Asian.

    2002-07-20 11:10:00

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