Letter: Editor of UIC Today on “interracial” relationships

October 14, 2002

Letter to the Editor

UIC Today

This letter was originally published here.

James Landrith

PO Box 8208

Alexandria, VA 22306-8208

October 14, 2002

To the editor:

Let’s straighten something out. “Interracial” dating does NOT bring “special problems”. The actions of those bigoted towards “interracial” dating is what brings “special problems.” This may seem like a minor detail to some, but to those of us in long-term “interracial” relationships, it means a great deal. My decade long relationship with my wife has not brought on “special problems”. The actions of a bigoted few has, however, brought problems. There is a world of difference.


James Landrith

Editor & Publisher,

The Multiracial Activist

One comment

  1. From: Rebecca Brasfield
    Date: Wed 11/27/2002 1:07 PM

    dear james,

    i read a letter to the editor that you wrote in the uic today in response to a piece i wrote about interracial dating, etc.

    your response focused on the use of the terminology “special problems.”

    i understand your issue with this. however, considering the fact that my article is on your website i thought you should know that my editor entitled that piece, not i. i have quit writing for the paper since.

    i wish you well with your work in the future.

    rebecca brasfield

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