Your Revolution Is No Longer Banned

Poet Sarah Jones, after a two year battle with the idiots at the FCC has won her war and is to be congratulated. The following is excerpted from her newsletter:

We are excited to announce that Sarah’s long battle against the Federal Communications Commission has taken a triumphant turn. As you may know, the Commission was finally forced to back down at the end of February. Nearly two years of censorship ended with the FCC reversing its claim that the poem/song Your Revolution is obscene, and admitting its error in the “indecency” ruling. However, the struggle against the Commission’s unlimited power to deny artists’ rights to freedom of expression will continue. More to come in the months ahead.

For now, thank you for signing the petition, spreading the word, and helping to pressure the FCC to be accountable to the people it is supposed to serve. This is one small victory in the fight to protect our civil liberties in these dangerous times.

As the current government continues to intensify the US’ role as an aggressive obstacle to peace and authentic democracy domestically and internationally, we hope you are heartened by the tremendous power, at home and abroad, of people speaking up courageously for justice and human rights for all of us.

Listen to the poem/song and then remember that it was banned by the current Administration. You know, the one run by the party that claims it will get government off your back. Did this poem/song really need to be banned? Where does a government restrained by the First Amendment derive the “right” to ban such works from the air? Don’t be shy, ya’ll know the answer. Are any libertarians out there still voting Republican in order to “not waste” your vote?

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