Multiracial Cyberspace

February 12, 2006
The Multiracial Activist 
From the Editor:

The book "The Politics of Multiracialism: Challenging Racial Thinking", contains a chapter called Multiracial Cyberspace written by Erica Chito Childs, which focuses primarily on Interracial Voice and my publication The Multiracial Activist.
I do not possess a copy of the book, but the little bit of it I've been able to sample at Google Book Search gives the impression it is a bit of hatchet job.  Childs paints both IV and TMA as anti-black and deems it unfortunate that IV and TMA have such a large following.  It appears we have the wrong political views, too much media attention, and are too willing to tackle "white" and "black" bigotry equally.  Apparently, only one type of bigotry should be countered.
Once I've read her chapter in full, I'll be rebutting any misinterpretations and outright falsehoods in a commentary at TMA.
Anyone read the book (edited by Heather Dalmadge)?

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