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Is there anyone here (like myself) who identifies as/ is categorized as Black although they are technically biracial? Do you consider that “Black biracial” people like Halle Berry have unique issues that are different from biracial people who pass for white or biracial people who are acknowledged as biracial? For example I think that one is in a strange existential situation when you are considered black when you have a white parent. How do individuals in this situation resolve the conflict? Certainly I now identify with Black people as a group rather than as a biracial person. Any thoughts on this issue?


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  1. Stella, I think that there are a few people who have posted here who identify as “Black”.

    I think that it’s very important to identify in a way that feels comfortable to you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be anything but who you are. Be proud of it and ignore the petty stuff that goes on around how you identify yourself…believe me, there is way too much of that not only in the “Biracial” community but in the “Black” community.

    My family is very light, white looking… We are “Americans of African descent” and very proud of that. On the other hand, we do not believe in “Race”. We are not “White” and would not be comfortable “passing” and we do not feel comfortable identifying as “Black”. That’s just us. We don’t have a right to go around forcing others to be like us. It would be a boring world if we were all the same.

    Some people like everyone to be the same and to be pigeon holed and neatly catagorized. They get frustrated when people don’t do that. I notice that some people are insulted because you don’t identify the way that they do or assume that you think that they should be just like you. It defies logic…It astonishes me when it comes from other people who come from a mixed background.

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